As a Traveler, there a positive side to this current period of social isolation

The world may have been turned upside down as we know it. It may not be the same when all this passes. 

But the urge for travel will return. Why waste this opportunity.

Why not get ready to live your travel dreams when the time is right. Learn from expert world travelers.

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 Now's the time. Get ready to live your travel dreams....

The world will no doubt be a different place when this crisis ends. But the hunger for travel will return as it always has since time began.

The sights of far away destinations, the excitement of unfamiliar languages, and different cultures, will all be beckoning us. And the destinations who rely on you, the traveller, will need you more than ever.

Travel really is an essential human experience. It is the ultimate education. It has the power to open minds, alter our perspectives, challenge our ignorance, prejudice and racism.

Social isolation is nothing new. In 1665, Isaac Newton had to work from home during the Bubonic plague. It proved to be the most productive period of his life when he developed his theories on calculus, optics and gravity.

We may not be an Isaac Newton, but right now, we too can use this time as our own opportunity... an opportunity where I and other global travelers can share our knowledge to help you be the independent global traveller you may have always dreamed of…. To give you the confidence to live your travel dreams.

what you'LL LEARN

Here’s what you’ll learn...

If you are seeking to be a more adventurous traveller, this information is for you..... 

I was 62, widowed and a grandfather of seven when I embarked on my senior gap year adventure backpacking around the world. While there were thousands of our younger generation confidently traveling, immersing themselves in local cultures, I came back feeling our generation was missing out on all the fun.

As such I have been putting together all my experience as well as tips and advice from other experienced world travellers. 

If you hunger for travel, here's your opportunity to turn this current down time into an opportunity, where I can share with you the knowledge I have learnt as a world traveler over the last 42 years, through 46 countries, as well as tips and advice from other world travelers.

Travel The World Is Cheaper Than You Think

With the current global share market fall, this is even more relevant.

You can travel the world very cheaply. People said to me before I left on my around the world adventure, "Wow, that must be costing you a fortune". In fact, the exact opposite was the case.

You'll find out how this is possible, Why it's cheaper to travel the world than to stay at home"

Be Empowered

This nearly stopped me from embarking on my twelve month travel adventure. Fear.

If you find fear has been holding you back, stopping you from where your heart has been trying to pull you, this information will help. 

Fears of the current pandemic may also be causing you stress. Discover how you can turn this challenging time into a positive outcome.

It's Only Dangerous Until You Get There

Sure, travel is dangerous. But  so is home. There is an exciting world of fun and adventure waiting you.

But travel is about using commonsense as much learning how to minimise danger, and what to do to travel is safely.

Experienced global women travelers share their experience, tips and advice to help us appreciate that our fear of danger is greater than it really is.

About Chris Herrmann

When I suddenly found myself widowed after 40 years of marriage, it was the most devastating time of my life.  Life then led me on a journey I never would have expected. A twelve month solo backpacking adventure around the world. 

I was encouraged to write a book on the story of My Senior Gap Year. The book has also been published in Chinese. The story has attracted media interest from the BBC with numerous TV, radio, print and online media across Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia. 

My mission is to inspire and help others as a global independent traveler. 

I am honoured to have the opportunity  to share my experiences, tips and advice with you. I encourage you to sign up so you too will feel empowered to be the adventurous global independent traveler you may have always dreamed of.  


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