Time to Take Your Overseas Travel to the Next Level?

Do you want a more authentic travel experience such as engaging with local cultures, perhaps exploring the history or volunteering? Being active, maybe hiking, cycling or even canoeing? But maybe you don’t know where to start.  Perhaps you have an expectation that travel is expensive. But you love the idea of being a more independent traveler where you are control, instead of relying on expensive tours. 

Dennis H

We are never too old. Don't let your dreams be dreams, just do it. Thanks Chris.

Chris Herrmann

Travel Coach

What You’ll Get During Your

Free Overseas Travel Strategy Call

Do you find your heart is pulling you to be more adventurous with your travel. But life is holding you back or it just seems too hard. 

This thirty minute FREE coaching session, with me personally, will help give clarity to what type of travel you want. Then we'll zero in on what the issues are that's been holding you back. We will then outline the type of experience that matches your dreams and budget. Finally, an overview of what you can do to set your plans in motion.

We all know life is too short to not be making the most of it. You've earned it and deserve it. Let's make it happen....

What You Can Do Before the Call

I'll send you some information before our session so I can get a  clear idea of your travel wants versus the issues holding you back.

What Happens During the Call

We'll clarify the type of travel experience you want and address the issues holding you back. Identify types of travel experiences that suit your needs and provide an outline of what you can do to set your plans in motion. 

What Changes After the Call

Gain clarity on what type of travel experience you are looking for and have an outline of the steps you need to take to achieve your travel dreams.

About Chris Herrmann

Chris Herrmann is an international travel expert, author and speaker. His senior gap year story continues to inspire people to have the courage to live their travel dreams. It was after his life took a devasting turn with the loss of his wife of forty years, did he decided he needed to step outside his comfort zone. He embarked on an adventurous backpacking adventure around the world for a year.

He left with no purpose other than to just travel. To explore to be open to opportunities and the pull of his heart. But it was this that led him to discover a purpose far bigger than he could ever have imagined. Not only has it changed his life but is continuing to positively impact people in need around the world. His story, as also wittingly told through his book, The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel, has attracted media attention across Australian TV, radio, print and online, as well American media and the BBC. His story is set to inspire even more people with his book now being published in Chinese for worldwide distribution.

Chris brings together over forty years of travel experience. From corporate travel, living with his family as an expatriate, to authentic cultural immersive travel. He understands the need to embrace the fears that attempt to hold us back from stepping out of our comfort zones. The challenges, the tips and the secrets that are essential to the exhilarating feeling and life changing experience that travel offer.  His mission is to help others achieve their fulfilling travel ambitions.

Why You Should Have a Free Consultation Call

For many of us, unfortunately our dreams become just that. They fail to become reality because the hurdles seem too much. But sometimes we just need to hear from someone else that our dreams can become a reality. Most of us have experienced how quickly life can change. Can you afford to keep putting off your dreams? One phone call could change your life. Just like these people...

Jeni Walsh

"...I wanted to thank you and let you know you have inspired me and influenced me. My kids are so proud of me and I know I have happy adventures ahead..."

Dennis Hoy

"...Absolutely awesome! I find myself in a similar situation to Chris, going through the same range of evaluation.....logic vs emotion. We are never too old. Don't let your dreams be dreams, just do it. Thanks Chris..." 

Christine T 

"..I was contemplating & had actually brushed off the thought of travelling on an around the world ticket for three months as fear/ uncertainty/excitement all overwhelmed me. Your inspiring talk has rekindled my interest. Thank you for sharing & inspiring..."

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s make your Travel Adventure happen!